When Monday gets to0 heavy remember Labor day is around the corner and the air is still Free?

Grading, grading, grading and more grading but just wanted to shout out to 8th period who is flying through i-movie! I need more hours in the day! Here is a pick me up for anyone who has the Wow Monday is ridiculous and I really need Father Time to talk to Mother Earth and add some hours on to the day syndrome…


Things we did, week 2 recap and things we are doing preview to week 3

The second full week of school proved to be both challenging and exciting. I am proud to say that all of my students have successfully set up email accounts and are now attaching word documents and composing emails with ease. Both 9th and 11th grade have completed research on their particular assignments and will be learning how to create i movies this upcoming week! My hopes are to have the i movies completed and ready to start presenting Wednesday, so send me positive vibes for hard work and focus on both the student’s and teacher’s side. :o)

We had our first Volleyball games and Football game this week, as well as our first pep rally and the students seem to really be getting back into the swing of things. pictures of all the events to come soon.

 Poetry group starts this week as well!

Highlights of the week:  1. Freshman block: completing all their research and creating wall posters for parent night. 

2. Connecting Tupac to Machiavelli, creating little historians one rap lyric connection at a time. 

3. Treon, and the rest of the drumline yelling “Let’s Get Funky!” at halftime and the band performing their heart’s out.

4. The middle school’s and football team’s awesome and outrageous energy at the Pep Rally! 

An introduction to Ms. Sanders

American Studies Students- Paul W. Bryant HS Student Internship

As a first year teacher, excited does not begin to cover how I feel about this school year! I am ready to hit the ground running! I am dedicated to creating a safe, challenging, and fun classroom environment that combines technology with curriculum. My classroom is a place for students to learn, grow, and become the best they can be. 

A Welcome Note…

Welcome to Ms. Sanders’s Virtual classroom! My hopes for this blog are to connect with students, parents, and other educators in a new and exciting way! This blog will be a direct connection to all of the happenings of room 104 and will include updates, pictures, videos, and all things positive and educational. Thank you for visiting and supporting.