Most things 3rd period, all things room 104.

 The potential in this room is fierce! Third period is rapping up their work on Frontier 

i movies tomorrow and will begin presenting on Friday! I am happy to report that the vast majority is now soaring through i movie, and some are even showing me how to do a couple things! I cannot wait to post some of them so you can share in their knowledge, style, and creativity so be looking for that sometime next week! Also, several other class period’s i-movie work will be posted next week as all classes except sixth period will be completing their work in i movie this week. (sixth period is slowly turning into the little engine that could) and is turning the corner for the good. They received gotchas today for working diligently, conquering email attachments and completing i-movie research and I know they are capable of great things and are anxious to integrate i touches into the classroom (hopefully soon!?! :o) 

Our quote of the week is:

“Overcome the notion that you must be regular. It robs you of the chance to be EXTRAORDINARY.”

-Uta Hagen


We are embracing life, state standards, i-movie, creativity, all things positive, and rising to the occasion in 104!!!

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