In a world of talkers be a thinker and a doer…

New years resolution in review per Ms. Sanders, room 104, and ohhh if only the world. I was both enlightened and awe struck at how this statement entered my life earlier this week. While watching a youtube video of a close friend’s 4 year old niece and her father my new years resolution became clear in an unlikely happening. The father asked his daughter “Now, what does Dad expect of you?” and she replies “In a world of talkers be a thinker and a doer.” She was firm and secure and appeared to both believe and understand what she was saying. I was to say the least impressed and inspired. I couldn’t help but allow my mind to divert to application of this statement to my own life because if you know me in the slightest talking is one of my most loud and obvious attributes. Words in general ARE MY THING I obsess over language, quotes, lyrics, underlying meanings, conversations upon conversations, and could talk about whatever subject I am currently enthralled in until forced to stop. In accordance with my love for speech, those who know me best would most likely define my nature as over analytical to the tenth degree.(since I am a history teacher I have no idea what the tenth degree is but it sounds big) But hey, I am a history teacher, we are supposed to be talkers right!?!(this is sarcastic, if you believe in lecturing as a way to teach effectively this is probably not the blog for you) This awesome but deadly combination of an over analytical, talking champ, history teacher can easily equate to something that is exactly what I so often speak against…the creation of a person that talks a big game, but does little to act on it. The whole idea of change is wrapped in the actual action of creating change. Change does not come from speech it comes from thought and then movement on that thought. So for the new year this idea of being a thinker and doer in a world of talkers will be in full application in my own life as well as my classroom, thanks in large part to a four year old in a helmet cam and a Dad who is getting it right the first time. The seemingly impossible cannot become possible until action is taken. The first step is important, however it is those steps, strides, leaps that are taken after the first step that are really creating something powerful and lasting. Upon return to class tomorrow room 104 will get down to it on how we can as a classroom, school, city, and society be forever in the pursuit of acting on our speech and thoughts. So as I enter into my second semester of teaching and my students embark on imperialism, the french revolution, the renaissance and world wars we will be on a journey to discover those that did not just speak but acted on what they believed in and fought for. One of the most beautiful things in history is seeing someone’s ACTIONS create lasting CHANGE. We, as a society, must help in creating a world of citizens who can not only speak and think with passion, but ACT on those words and thoughts.I may have to get the statement action/doer/all things moving tattooed on my forehead to not forget the passion in which these words hit me with today but my hope is that my belief in these words will passover to my students who then become thinkers and doers, not just talkers. My only true hope for 2011 is that all of us,will not just speak on change, but act on it and only then may we be creating a world in which positive change can actually occur and be maintained…a world in which I will be proud to be a part of and happy to send my students into. So here is to 2011, and the hope that my students leave my room ready to act, not just ready to talk and that I’ll also be able to do the same, or at least take that so important second step.

Belated Happy Holidays from all of us in 104!





The thinker/doer/hillarious/adorable/inspiring child…

This is the New Year! “Say everything you’ve always wanted, be not afraid of who you really are! Because in the end we have each other, and that’s at least one thing worth living for!”



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