Apps I cannot live without in the Classroom

Apps I cannot live without in the classroom…

Schoology- this is the main source I use as my virtual classroom from everything to student blog posts, to live chat discussions, to webquests, to grades. In my opinion Edmodo & Moodle fail in comparison. This site uses a free app & website. 


Evernote- Use the i touch & macbook app as well the website. This takes the “paperless” classroom to a whole new level


Posterous- free blog updater, easily merged by old blogger with this account too! 

Storyrobe/Videolicious/Juxio/Zapd/Xtranormal/Animoto- all of these apps are free (with the exception of storyrobe) & give a lot of efficient, creative & different ways to create projects in the classroom. Great for a PBL summative assessment. I give detailed project checklists with these projects. tweet me for the docs


italk- free voice recorder i touch app & macbook app. Download the macbook app to have students connect wirelessly what they have recorded. Whether students are given an oral response, practicing their debate platform, or voicing ideas this is an extremely useful & efficient app. Also check out amazon for thumb tack mics and/or apple headphones w/ mics both are no more than 3$ each. 


google translate- best free translator app I have found, puts the answer into the student’s hands. Students practice correct pronunciation etc. 




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