The 21st Century Fluency Project & PBL in an Infowhelmed World


I was inspired by this video a couple months back and just recently went to their website and realized the amount of effective, well organized resources they have readily available for a 21st century teacher. I am currently focusing on this aspect and using it as the outline to create my projects for the upcoming year. This process align’s nicely with PBL which according to Linda-Darling Hammond is defined broadly as ” an approach aimed to enable students to transfer their learning more powerfully to new kinds of situations and problems and to use knowledge more proficiently in performance situations”. This definition is 2-fold for me because where it is defining project-based learning, it is also defining 21st century learning. The interchangeable ability of this definition between the two terms even further proves the importance of project-based learning as a crucial aspect of a 21st century classroom. My PBL planning was also extremely influenced by this post yesterday by @katrinakennett in which she questions how we as 21st century educators can best give our students the audience that they not only deserve but need in their globally connected world. Lastly @nesticos opened the door to defining the distinct differences between cooperative learning & collaborative learning (see her highly informative comment on my collabing on collab post) allowing me to realize how crucial collaboration is, and proving that what most define as classroom collaboration is in fact cooperation. Cooperation is important but to take our students to the necessary places they need to go and to prepare them to adapt to an ever changing, globally interconnected, always-on society effective global collaboration must occur. This is where I believe the answer to the audience question can be answered. Being infowhelmed is a reality but one that should be embraced, sifted through thoroughly, & used effectively because while the amount of information we have swirling around us is overwhelming at times it is growing by the second and we must doing everything we can as educators to give our students the skills they need to thrive. 

I am currently researching an audience Possibility via and a global collaboration possibility through, both of which I would not have been able to find without my infowhelmed PLC I have found through twitter. 

As always, comments, questions, concerns are welcome.  


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