Schoology How-To (ish)

I have been tweeting about schoology the past year & after meeting them at ISTE11, proudly converting some #edchat & #sschatters to schoology & setting up a skype how-to with some fellow tweeps I decided I should do a quick run through to put out there as to why I am such an avid supporter of schoology! The video below was made using camtasia’s screen recorder. It is impromptu & I am slightly all over the place mainly because I believe in this site & app so much that I knew I could not begin to fit all of the features I use into one video! Please feel free to contact me via twitter if you have any questions! Thanks for your interests & viewing. Comments are always welcome. 

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9 thoughts on “Schoology How-To (ish)

  1. My best metaphor I have for the comparison is that Edmodo is an 8-track & Schoology is the next generation i touch. They are really that different, Edmodo is basic & difficult to navigate. It wants to be what schoology is, but the truth is schoology just did it better. The features, updates, look & feel of facebook, & efficiency all make whatever they have that may be deemed similar very different specifically because of how much better schoology functions. They are always a step ahead. Hope this helps? Will gladly answer specific questions-The @schoology team is awesome about getting back to you a/b questions too! I wouldn’t spend this much time on something I didn’t truly believe in! πŸ™‚

  2. @edtech2innovate glad it helped! I think a move from moodle to schoology is a great choice! Did you know that schoology has an option to integrate documents etc. from your moodle to schoology?

  3. Wow! This is a cool tool. Thanks for sharing and promoting the use of Schoology. I have lots to do to figure out how to use this with my students.

  4. OK. I’ve never actually worked within moodle, but let’s say in the future I would have to. Is there a way to integrate Schoology within or embed it within a school’s Moodle? Like how you can embed it within Collaborize? Just curious.

  5. Hi , I ‘ m from kuala Lumpur , Malaysia . I had just signed in schoology. Trying to promote it to my colleagues. Thanks for sharing.

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