De-Labeling: An Exercise in Identity

This post is a response to several questions I have recieved about how my students created their “labels” for this video –> The idea behind this exercise has several levels. I wanted to create an open environment where my students felt understood, respected & could express themselves. I hoped to give them tools to better understand the complexity of identity, definitions, labels, etc & in this understanding they would claim ownership of themselves not by how anyone else saw them, but as how they saw themselves. Oh, the complexity. Then hopefully we would be creating a deeper understanding of themselves, their peers (first within class & then extending out to the community, country, & world). The purpose of the exercise is to give students a platform to gain a greater understanding of themselves & eachother & begin to build the class community & norms off of this exercise, and also be able to look back at this exersice & the images & video we created to get back on track. I have extended this exercise to join with my 11th graders 1st semester project of “defining America” & have created an impromptu google document of the logistics of the de-labeling exercise. I will be posting how this exercise goes with my students this year with the additions, etc. Any suggestions, critiques, etc are gladly welcome and I encourage you to share how you tackle this topic in your own classroom. (google document project outline) The building of this document is in the works, so be aware of unorganization, over-wordy tendencies & grammatical errors πŸ™‚ 



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