Hello 2012, It’s Me Ms. Sanders: My New Year’s Revolution

Being somewhat of an OCD person deciding my plans for new year’s eve became very tedious until  a dear friend of mine snapped me back to reality by saying  “Beth, everyday is a new year, every minute, every second we have the ability to start over, EVERYDAY.” That is it. We have to be the change we seek EVERY SINGLE DAY. I am not saying I don’t love a good Auld Lang Syne and ball drop as much as the next gal but there is SO MUCH to be done and rather than wasting my time planning what I will change, I am just going to jump; feet first, arms flailing, everyday, into the change itself. Its not a resolution, its a commitment to BE THE REVOLUTION. So with that a list of 10 things to remind me of this post, this idea, this revelation, this way of life when I’ve forgot. 

1. Speak the truth, Seek the truth.

2. Say Thank You.

3. Listen; really, really listen.

4. Read more. Write more.

5. Empower others every single day. 

6. Celebrate diversity everywhere, in everything.

7. Stop waiting; Start anywhere and everywhere. Start over everyday if you have to.

8. Embrace where you are, what you have, and who is around you everyday.

9. Never, ever, give up your fight or what you believe is right in your own soul.

10. Tell your story. 


If I had a mantra for 2012 this, by the ridiculously inspiring Ira Glass, would be it. 



Learning Revolutions for the Classroom 

1. Respect and Reflect Everyday

2. Focus on Questions: discussing, creating, answering, becoming

3. Student Voice, Student Choice Everyday

4. Challenge-Based, Passion-Based Learning Everyday

5. Model what it means to not give up: If plan A fails, remember we have 25 more left

6. Meet every individual where they are, then go from there EVERYDAY

7. Purpose, Focus, & Commitment to students leading their own learning 

8. Never give up on the student-centered classroom or the partnership

9. Prove every naysayer wrong, be the change we seek 

10. Support each student in becoming self-motivated, independent thinkers, learners and doers. 




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