5 Must have Ed Apps in 2012 for the 21st Century Student Centered Classroom

Whether you are a teacher in a 1:1 ipad or itouch classroom, have a class ipad or your own iOS device these are my must have apps for 2012


EVERNOTE (Free, iPad, iTouch, Mac, Web)


I use Evernote as a digital portfolio and e-notebook. It is where students add in objectives, write rough drafts, jot notes, do research, save sources to cite, attach images, record voice notes, virtually anything that needs to be written, saved, is done within Evernote. This is there landing space. In my classroom we organize our notes by date, topic, and learning goal. I also love the share feature. Students can tweet, facebook, or email their notebook or individual notes which really opens up the floor to an authentic audience and multiple types of feedback. 

SKITCH for iPAD (Free, iPad, Mac)


Just discovered the iPad app for Skitch. The mac app is great for students to apply their knowledge and create an original explanation/presentation of a particular topic. If you are already using EVERNOTE it is a must have because students can share their Skitch work directly to Evernote (as well as email, twitter, or save directly to the device). If you are not yet using Evernote the skitch should entice you even more. 

Socrative (Free, iPad, iTouch, Web)


By far the BEST student/teacher response system I have seen out there. For those of you using the eclicker app, leave it behind and snag this teacher and student app which they are still free! I have an eery feeling it will not be free for long, it is just too good. By far the most versatile response selections and overall smooth response and functionality. Very cutting edge in 21st century formative assessment world. This is a must have. 

Tools 4 Students  (.99, iPad/iTouch)


This app is great for helping students process new information in their own way. I love give students the CHOICE of how they want to organize their research, notes, etc. This app offers students plenty of graphic organizer choices and gives them the option to email their work. I have my fingers crossed a share to Evernote button will magically appear on this app, until then I have students email their final GO to me, then save it to the Google Docs folder (Which is always accessable for them on Schoology) and then from there they can save their GO into their Evernote, email to a fellow student they are working with, etc. Try it for yourself. The whole process takes no more than 3 minutes to email, save to google docs, post to schoology and then share to evernote. 

Voicethread (Free, iPad, iTouch, Web) 


I have a whole post dedicated to Voicethread so I will not go into too much detail about this app except to say that as far as giving students an outlet to express themselves visually and orally, then collaborate locally and/or nationally/globally, as well as giving them a chance to share their work to an authentic audience you need to look no further than this app. Here is my previous post on voicethread. http://mssandersths.posterous.com/tech-tip-of-the-week-voicethread-ios-app-for

 Schoology (Free, iPad, iTouch, Web) 


Okay, I mean’t 6 πŸ™‚ Cannot reiterate how crucial a social networking management system is to making a student-centered, PBL, partnership classroom work and of course the best choice for that is Schoology. Whether you are posting your weekly agenda, having students dropbox assignments, posting videos, links, etc needed Schoology has it all and does it. 



What are your must have apps of 2012 for the 21st century classroom? 






4 thoughts on “5 Must have Ed Apps in 2012 for the 21st Century Student Centered Classroom

  1. Hey Ms Sanders,I love all of these apps as well! Great picks! FYI, your students can email their GOs from Tools 4 Students to your class Evernote account using your Evernote email address found in settings. It works great! Pretty much anything the students do on their iPads can be shared via email so I use it ALL the time! Also, if you haven’t already, check out gosoapbox.com. It’s a fantastic web app–and free as well! I also just started using the goalbookapp.com. Getting the students involved in setting and tracking their SMART goals. :)Kristin

  2. Thanks so much Kristen! The Evernote email address is going to help so much, fantastic! Checking out your recommendations now! Thanks again!

  3. Thanks Denise! Awesome that you are getting ipads!!! Be sure to share your "must haves" once you’re up & running!

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