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The Secret to Success?

A student shared Eric Thomas with me a month before grad exams this year via twitter. This student tweeted me and said “Ms. Sanders, your classes need to see this” with a link to a 5 1/2 minute video that was so inspiring my students were SILENT the whole time it played except for a head nod or a “yes.” I played the video each Monday until Grad Exams hoping that it would give them the extra push they needed to keep going and trying their hardest each day. Tonight, as I sit in my house at 11pm on a Saturday night trying to find the energy to finish an assignment this video popped up on twitter and I clicked on it. I automatically thought of the student that shared this with me and the hopes I had for my students to become inspired by this video and now I find myself tonight hoping this video with give me the same fire I hoped it would give my students. Burn out is as real as burn ON. We all know that the closer it gets to summer the more difficult it gets to give 100 percent each day; both teachers and students. This video helps remind me that everything depends on the choices we make everyday to be our best, or not, and the example we set every single day in our classrooms, schools, and communities directly effects and reflects our students choices, lives and successes. As we take the turn into the last 9 weeks of this school year I urge you to celebrate your successes, learn from your mistakes and question yourself everyday to ensure you are giving the best that you have because we cannot expect greatness from our students if we do not also expect it from ourselves.