The Coolest Things That Found Me On The Internet Today

The Differentiator

How cool is this? Also, tweeted the creator after a little friendly google stalking and he replied with an enthusiastic “Thanks for checking out my site & be looking for a major upgrade to the differentiator soon!” Don’t you just love the digital community? 


An Open Letter to Students Returning to School


…and you guys though that I talked fast! 


Why Schools Should Help Students Find Their Passion


“…if you can’t find passion and purpose in your work, you’re disconnected from who you really are and you’ll never truly excel at what you do. The question then for our K-12 schools and higher education institutions is how we bring back that spirit of finding—and living—your passion so the next generation of creative innovators can truly thrive?” – Sir Ken Robinson 


The 20% Project


Would love to hear thoughts, ideas, questions related to this post. Doable? Necessary? Why or why not? 


10 Things in School That Should Be Obsolete


Do you agree? Disagree? What would take off the list? What would you add? Why? 


Forget Digital Natives, Think Mobile Natives


Is this a topic that is being discussed in your schools? 


The Graffiti Creator


I had a little too much fun with this. Thinking of using it as an ice breaker tool first week of school. Or for Thinking Skills/Key Words throughout the school year. The catch is you only have 10 character spaces but I like the challenge element that brings! Anyone used this before or a similar tool? 


The Popplet App


Hello iPad initiative schools out there, love this app and if you aren’t following SJunkins on twitter…you should be.