Wear Your Heart on Your Blog

At approximately 1 in morning on June 6th, 2013 I was inspired by Seth Godin’s 5000th Post and tweeted this: “@whittmister I am creating a summer #SethGodinChallenge We commit to writing something EVERYDAY & posting it on public blog. In? #youthcc“. The truth is I am inspired by something Seth Godin nearly everyday; like it is annoying for those closest to me who have to hear me reference him the amount of times I do. None the less his work lights (a lot) of sparks in me and thus the “Seth Godin Challenge” was born. The idea is as simple as the tweet suggests: write a new post once a day and post it in a public space; which for me will be here and for Daniel will be here. Aside from that I thought I might make a sporadic list of other supporting reasons I (slash we…because partnerships are where it’s at) are doing this so here goes…

  • Because Seth Godin is doing it and he doesn’t understand why more people aren’t doing it (and neither do I).
  • Because I have a lot to say and a lot more to do if I plan on making any type of a revolutionary educator/person dent in the world.
  • Because I am expecting my poetry team to write every single day so I am prescribing myself with a little “practice what I preach” medicine.
  • Because I am currently failing at my daily detox of talking to myself for 2 minutes a day so maybe I can write for a couple minutes each day instead?
  • Because I want to be a better writer, communicator, educator and you know like in general human being.
  • Because I am working on making a ruckus.
  • Because I want to be more connected and transparent in a consistent and personal manner.
  • Because maybe somewhere someone is waiting for something like this and all they needed was one erratic list with a lot of “becauses” and “Is” to begin their own writing odyssey.
  • Because I am ready to get a little more uncomfortable in the hopes that more people, more often, feel much more comfortable expressing themselves in whatever format they see fit…even if that might make some other people feel uncomfortable.
  • To wear my heart on my sleeve (and also on my blog).


Seth Godin Summer Writing Challenge Disclaimer from the creator of the Seth Godin Summer Writing Challenge: 1 sentence counts as a post. 1 word might count as a post too depending on how great of a word it is. So does a run on paragraph. So does a run on [run on] paragraph. So does a completely unedited blog with completely random subject matter. So does a picture of something I am doing that makes it impossible for me to write. Basically everything counts. 



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