One More Step

Thomas Edison once said that “if we did all the things we were capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.” He failed 1,000 times before he was successful at creating the electric light bulb. When asked about how he felt about all those failures he responded that he didn’t see them as failures but rather as 1,000 steps; a journey that had to be taken before his invention could reach it’s full potential. Perhaps it is easier to see life this way, as something of infinite possibilities, once you’ve been so accomplished? I’m confident however, that if I were having a conversation with Mr. Edison right now he would emphasize the power of the journey rather than the destination that made him see things the way he did. He found meaning in the voyage, not just in the end result.

When we choose to keep going, choose to take 1 or 1,000 more steps we begin to realize our true potential and that our capabilities in fact may be limitless. Perhaps if we did this more often we would literally astound ourselves. After all, look what a perspective like that does; it lights up the whole sky.



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