A Millennial Educator’s List of New Years Resolutions for the 2015 Year of Learning

  • Put the people, partnerships, and possibilities of better first, always. Then projects. Then technology. Then Twitter.
  • Model radical vulnerability and transparency in the classroom, in the community, in the coffee shop,  in the tiny purple ed tech coach office. Be a person, not a teacher/principal/job title.
  • Keep on talking (and tweeting) about all the things — but really work on listening more. Listen to more student voices, listen to more teacher voices; become an empathetic listener of the learning revolution. None of us are alone — let’s stop acting like we are and start with really trying to hear what others are saying.
  • Amplify the voices. Use the head and heart to get more people talking about what matters, use the technology to get more people listening.
  • Intensify the why of it all. There is so much potential for so much more in so many. A little more emphasis and intensity won’t hurt. Keep amping it up. Keep sharing things that make you pumped!
  • Co-create spaces where real learning is happening and is owned by the learner — not the lecturer. Genuine leaders of their own learning. Life hack the classroom. Real voice. Real choice. Real learning.
  • Jam out whilst having a few more tiny purple office dance parties to celebrate the small wins. Small wins matter and they deserve jams, dance moves, and instagram posts. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of a little better.
  • Jump a little more. Take a few more leaps rather than checking out all the awesome possibilities from the ledge.
  • Keep asking why. A whole lot more asking why. Finding why. And acting on why.
  • Make more things (mistakes included). Model failure. Model trying again. And again. Write more things. Share more things. Support students and teachers in doing the same — over and over again until we get somewhere else. Lessons learned are not steps in the wrong direction if we’re actually learning.
Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 3.43.08 PM
2015 Ed Tech Coach mantra for 2015 courtesy of Kennedy Prints.